Treasure Island

How It Works

Show up, present your Photo ID, buy pairs for $5 tokens, use 1 token for a sample or 2 for a pour. Simple and clean. Everything is the same price and same pour. Follow up over on facebook for the final tap list announcements!

And there's wine too?

Yup! You'll also find wineries selling by the glass and bottle to those with valid photo IDs.

And there's distilleries too?

That too! Let's see what they decide to do!

Presale Package

A real souvenir cup and 6 tokens for $20 (that's a free cup for those of you counting). Buying the Presale package ahead of time is the only way to get the cup and sometimes, it gets filled up more than disposable cups everyone else uses.

VIP lounge

Not to be confused with the presale ticket, the VIP Lounge, AKA "Spot Social Club Lounge" is new this year to most of our events. We never know the exact form it will take but thanks to Brewery Products, you can expect at least the following:

  • A dedicated preemo area of shade and comfort
  • A VIP only shitter(s)
  • Water
  • Tokens redeemable for things like wine slushies, cigars, and beer.
  • Access to a line skipper!
  • Dedicated soft seating
  • Some cover in case of rain
  • More stuff…who know?



Presale Packages on Sale June 4th at 9am

Presale Packages on Sale now!